Ralph Lauren Mens Long-Sleeved LXVII Polo shirt Red Wholesale

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there are many amazing fashion and beautiful products in our polo ralph lauren outlet. Ralph Lauren Mens Long-Sleeved LXVII Polo shirt Red Wholesale is on sale with great promotion.
Ralph Lauren Mens Long-Sleeved LXVII Polo shirt Red Wholesale

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A piece of men's long sleeve Ralph Lauren polo shirt in Red.
- Essential long-sleeved cotton mesh polo finished with an applied player's 3" and embroidered with our iconic Dual Match design and Roman numerals for a modern polo tournament look.
- The excellent quality and classic design make this Ralph Lauren polo shirt an essential in this season.
- Check your size and order now!Three-button concealed twill placket contrasting twill rugby collar with contrast tipping.
- Ribbed cuffs even vented hem with interior twill taping .
- Embroidered with our Dual Match design at the left chest and "LXVII" at the center chest.
- An applied twill "3" accents the right sleeve.
- 100% Satisfaction .
- Shirt only.

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