Cheap Ralph Lauren Mens Custom-Fit Slim Foxfield Rugby Wholesale

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Cheap Ralph Lauren Mens Custom-Fit Slim Foxfield Rugby Wholesale

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Outfitted with sporty stripes and classic equestrian details our timeless long-sleeved rugby is cut for a trim modern fit and finished with vintage-inspired heritage style.
- Three-button concealed twill placket with twill reinforcement tape and bone buttons.
- Solid twill rugby collar with interior twill taping and embroidered crown RL" and "V" Roman numeral at the right side.
- Ribbed cuffs even vented hem with interior twill taping.
- Embroidered ventilating underarm grommets.
- Applied vertical stripes at front overlapped with contrasting twill taping.
- Chino patch with embroidered stirrup jockey and "R.
- L.
- F.
- C.
- " logo and verbiage at left chest.
- Embroidered "R.
- L.
- Jockey Club" verbiage at right sleeve.
- Applied chino patch at the back printed with crossed polo mallets and faded graphics.
- 100% Brand New.
- Machine washable.

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